It’s naptime, which doesn’t mean much anymore because usually its just a time i like to call out loud so Tanner knows I expect him to nap. He’s not sleeping much anymore, but he’s awfully quiet in there today and Sam is asleep as well. I always tell myself I’m going to get so much done during naptime, but usually i just want to be quiet so I don’t disturb anyone, or check facebook, catch up on my DVR, etc. Today we went to Village Point mall which is somewhat annoying since it is an outside mall and there are limited places to park in front of the stores anyway, and it’s Christmas, and I took both kids minus the stroller. I see nothing wrong with flipping a partial u turn to park in a spot on the other side of the street as I am driving. I say, whoever gets there first, sees it, and has their blinker on for it, should be there’s. In retrospect, that is what started to happen today. I saw a lady leaving right in front of th store i wanted to go in, I stopped. I waited. Had my blinker on the whole time. This was perfect, because it was cold out and I’ve got the kids. I did not want to lug around the carseat all over so I would have had to drive around for a while waiting. Somewhere in there from around the corner and coming the opposite way a lady rolls up. I should have known she was trouble by the way she pretended not to see me with her (ugly) animal print coat. She has to wait for the car to back out, and while I am clearly inching closer and obviously waiting, she takes the bloody spot right out from under me. I almost cursed her out under my breath, but she’s lucky a spot on my side of the street also just opened up. As I tried not to make that big of deal about it and started to pull into the other spot, my very intuitive 4 year old says, “Mom? Did that lady take your spot?” Maybe I should have said, “No, honey, it wasn’t mine.” Or “That’s ok, we’ll park here instead.” But I preceded to tell him that she did in fact steal my spot, and how that wasn’t very nice. I almost wish he had yelled something at her like, “Did you take my mommy’s spot!??” Like he usually does at inappropriate times, but of course he didn’t. Tis the season for parking spot stealers.


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