Let’s talk about a Resolution!

New Year’s resolutions that is.  I usually go all balls to the walls when it comes to New Years resolutions.  Normally I have a pluthera of ways I want to better and challenge myself.  This year however, I didn’t make any…yet.  Maybe because we have a baby coming soon and my goal as of now is to just survive the rest of the pregnancy, delivery and post surgical recovery that I can’t see past that to something that resembles more of normalcy in our everyday lives yet.  I do have one resolution though and that is to seriously learn how to use my dslr camera.  I mean to really get to know it, and not just in a ‘Hey, how you doin’, sort of way.  I’ve gotten slightly better over the past couple years since getting it, but there is so much that goes into capturing a moment and being the perfectionist that I am, I want to capture the BEST of each and every moment.  I would rather have 1 amazing, memorable photo from a day, than a bunch of mediocre, and most likely blurry and out of focus ones.  So, if there is anyone reading this who has some tips on capturing great photos, please do share.  I’m also in the market for a new lens.  Preferably one for taking portraits of some sort. I’ve researched some, but in this case I would just like the opinions and tips from my friends.  Reading about lenses and all the millions of details of camera settings is hard to contain in my small brain.  I feel like I’ve spent hours, even days reading blogs and tutorials on how to use my camera appropriately and I’ve gotten nowhere.  Probably taking a class would help a lot, but since I don’t know when I’ll get around to that, asking you all for tips is the next best thing right now.  So please, HELP!!!  Here are a few photos I’ve taken recently…

These photos are with my 75-300mm lens which I use for all things sports and far away outside stuff.  These are a few pics from Tanner’s first hockey tournament.

Here our a few with my 18-55mm lens that I use on a daily basis…

                                                                   Sam playing peek a boo

                                                       Christmas time at Lauritzen Gardens

Of course I did some minor editing in iphoto, but it would be nice to have another photo shop editing tool.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a program, especially before I can really start to understand my camera.

What photo editing tools is everyone using?  Am I the only camera dummy here?


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