Disney Surprise is Almost Here!

Well, the day is almost here.  I’ve been planning our Disney vacation for about a year now and have had an official countdown since day 222.  The best part is, the kids have absolutely no idea.  I refrained from telling people really early on, just to make sure the surprise stayed a surprise.  Now that the trip is nearing, more people know, and hoping we can keep this a surprise for 19 more days!! When we decided that we were going to go to Disney this time around, we knew we wanted it to be a surprise.  This trip almost didn’t happen, so I’m really glad the kids don’t know.  Of course, it would also be fun if they knew and we had a countdown going, and could talk about what all we wanted to do when we got down there, but hopefully we’ll have other trips that we can save that for.  I will say, for all the friends that know to keep this hush hush, our cover was almost blown by non other than the UPS guy!  Of course, I had been expecting our magic bands in the mail and had been very careful about watching for the UPS guy in the late afternoon/early evenings when he normally shows up, but when a different guy showed up one morning as I was loading kids in the car and exclaimed for all to hear, “Are you going to Walt Disney World?” I think the look on my face pretty much said it all.    I gently shushed him and he got the idea.  Sorry to be rude Mr. UPS guy, but you threw me off my game a little.  Luckily, the kids didn’t hear him (which I was sure they did) and the situation was quickly diverted.  We’ve been working on a way to surprise the kids and I think we finally have that planned out, so now we wait…

On our last trip to Disney World, Tanner was a few months shy of being 5. Sam was almost 1.  Although, Tanner knew who all the characters were, when we popped the surprise on him the morning we were leaving, he was in a little bit of shock.  And while he was excited, he couldn’t really wrap his mind around “where” he was actually going.  This time is going to be so different I think.  I’m going to go out on a limb and make a pretty confident prediction, that the kids are going to be out of their minds excited.  Tanner has been there, he remembers some stuff, but understands what it is.  Our little Sami knows that all the princesses live where our girl, Cindys’ castle is, and although she doesn’t remember her last trip, I think she will be equally excited as Tanner! Although, it is a pretty overwhelming thing to tell kids, and I have seen surprise videos of kids that cry, but I don’t think that is what they’re going to do.  We’ll find out soon!  While we wait, I was looking through photos from our last trip and wanted to post some up.

First Day at Magic Kingdom!
Sam was Keeping a very close eye on these 2 characters…

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