It’s a Great Day for a Fairy

The way she giggles…the way she tosses her blonde curls out of her face… the way she squinches her nose when she smiles…makes my heart smile.  Yesterday when I went to get her from her nap she jumped out of her closet wearing what else, but her little fairy wings complete with wand and headband.  She bounced all the way to school and back trying to fly.  “I flied!” She would exclaim as she jumped up and flapped her arms vigorously.

“Wow!  You did!”  I would say.

Did my wings do this?” (waving her wings up and down with her hand)

“They did!”

“Woooah, AWESOME!” (completely amazed at herself)

“It’s a great day for a fairy!”  More like, “faiwee.”  One of my favorite phrases from her thus far.  That it is little one.  That it is.



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