Halloween 2014

Every year it’s the same. I never really realize how into Halloween I’m going to get until it’s actually here.  By the time it rolls around, I’m usually having ‘non-buyers’ remorse from not buying Mike and I costumes and doing a family theme.  This year was the same however the only difference in my non-preparedness was the fact that I took the kids A DAY EARLY to the lake for a fun costume photo shoot.  I prepared all day.  Charged my camera, gathered costume accessories, bought balloons, ran around all morning getting odds and ends, doing Sam’s princess Anna hair, etc etc.  Once we picked up T from school it was a quick change and snack before we headed out. With daylight fading fast, I quickly picked a location and hurried everyone out of the car.  The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was T’s epic meltdown because he thought a bobcat was going to jump out of the woods and eat us. “Honey, there are NO bobcats here!”  My patience was wearing and I felt like I was half lying to him because I wasn’t so sure there weren’t.  It didn’t help that granted it was very warm out, it was also very windy and there was nobody else around, which made him feel even more secluded and vulnerable.  I got a few ok pics of Landry before my camera flat out broke.  Yup, broke.  Right as I was click, click, clicking, my camera decided it was DONE…forever.  Ugh, luckily I have nice friends who let me borrow their camera for a few photos right before trick-or-treat, but I can’t say how lost I felt without my right hand girl by my side through all the Halloween day school parades and parties.  It was very sad, but I did have my phone camera so it wasn’t a compete loss.

Take 2 of Halloween costume photo shoot.  Got a new camera. Brought the husband with.  Things went a little more smoothly and relaxed.  Letting the kids play in their costumes and run around during the shoot helped capture their true personality.  Everyone cooperated at least for a little bit. I got a few more pics so it was worth the week wait.  Without further ado, I introduce to you, Ash Ketchum (Pokemon trainer), Princess Anna (Frozen) and Carl Fredricksen (Up movie)

Halloween Night:


Fast forward one week…

DSC08889         DSC08915 DSC08899-EditDSC08900-Edit DSC08902 DSC08903DSC08906DSC08948DSC08949             DSC08951DSC08950DSC08926DSC08930DSC08939     DSC08932DSC08938DSC09041DSC09024DSC08976 DSC08981-Edit-Edit DSC08995 DSC08998 DSC09017 DSC09033DSC08943


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