"Mom, can we paint MY room yet??

Poor kid…not only was my sweet boy kicked out of his room in the old house and thrown into the attic when baby sister arrived, but after 10 months of living in our new house, I am just getting around to finally giving our energetic, larger than life boy the room he deserves. He has been so patient and since Sam never got an official baby room in the old house I felt I had to do hers first before any other project in the house. I feel terrible that my son has been living in a world of tan/beige walls and old dark ugly furniture for almost a year now. But the time has come and it’s finally happening. After days of pondering over 5 different shades of light blue samples on his walls something deep inside of me was screaming to get out. I couldn’t tell my husband what it was or even dare say it out loud, because I was sure it was just wasn’t supposed to be. After laying awake practically all night, I woke up the next day and without hub’s knowing I decided it had to be so. So I dropped off little man at preschool and the littlest runt and I headed to Home Depot where I was on a mission. If you know me, you know that once I’m dead set on something it has to and will happen. I will make sure of it (usually). I was a little uneasy about the drasticisty (is that a word? Becca?…) of the situation, but I was determined and if I told my very understanding husband what I was up to, he was sure to try and change my mind or worse, not be as overly as excited as I was. I was almost giddy inside when I put the kids down for nap and got to work on painting Tanner’s walls. Wait, for it, wait for it….

This is the before walls with the paint samples I did not use

And, TA-DA!! Gigantic Navy and White Stripes

If you’re still wondering what it was that the voices in my head were saying over and over the night before, it was, “naaavy…naaavy..” Not only can I believe how brave I am, but I am also very impressed with how straight my lines came out…as my dad always said, measure twice, stripe once (he, he). Only kidding he never said that because he would never expect me to measure anything in my lifetime probably. I did actually measure a few times before drawing out my stripes just for safe keeping. They look amazing! Tanner’s face was priceless when he saw them for the first time and that was enough satisfaction for me. I have since painted the rest of the walls and am in the process painting furniture, and adding decor so I will get back with an update soon!!


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