Painting a nightstand

I decided that I liked the dresser I painted for Tanner’s room so much, why not try to paint a nightstand for him too. I snagged my old college nightstand from my mom’s house that I faux painted green and blue “crackle” paint (I know…*sigh*). I did sand it down a little bit with 100 grit sandpaper (prob could have used some with more grit or used a circular sander) but I didn’t it need to be super smooth or perfect, because my boy will beat the crap out of it anyway. Oh, and when I talk about sanding I do my best to pretend I know what I’m talking about.

However, painting furniture is a great, inexpensive way to update old funiture to make it look new!  It’s my new favorite thing, because I’m on a budget and it’s a quick decorating fix.

Lesson learned: Do not sand outside when it is super windy, and wear sunglasses so the dust doesn’t get in your eyes, ugh.

Here is most of the nightstand I was so proud of 10+ yrs ago without the drawers b/c I forgot to take a pic of the total before product

I’m sure there are 100 better ways of doing this out there than I chose, but I’m on a budget and I have limited time.


1. Sanding it down

2. Making sure to get around the bottom edges where there were some previous dried paint bubbles and even some splintering going on

Here is the end product, again this was a bit different than the dresser becaue it was real wood and had the texture of the previous crackle paint. The dresser was maybe vaneered wood? I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called, but it was really smooth. You can still see the crackle texture through the paint, but again, I don’t care much 🙂

I used the extra navy  paint I used for his walls for the knobs.  You can’t really tell that there are stars on them.  And there we have it, a free nightstand for T-man’s room!

Stay tuned for pics of Tanner’s new room!

In case you missed it here is the dresser I painted for his room as well.


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