Easter Fun!

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since Easter.  We had a really fun weekend with the kids.  Saturday we died Easter eggs and Sam ended up getting really mad because she couldn’t stick her whole hand + the egg in the coloring liquid…REALLY mad. 

None the less they had fun plopping them in different colors and putting stickers all over them.

                                              Still mad…hey, you can’t please everybody 

                             I know there’s 2 almost identical pics here, but this one is good of Sam…

                                                       …And this one is good of Tanner.

I don’t have photos of the next activity because it was a little chaotic.  With a screaming toddler and 2 messy kids it was time for bath.  Since Sam recently had a scary experience in the tub during normal “rinse the shampoo out of your hair” time and inhaled a bunch of water, she’s now TERRIFIED of the bath and screams bloody murder every time.  I got creative this night…

“Who wants to go have beach party in the tub??”

Well of course they both thought the idea of everyone getting in their bathing suits and getting in the bath, including mom, sounded super fun!  So off we went, we laid out our towels, filled the tub with bubbles and turned on the music in the bathroom and had a beach party.  I must admit, it helped.  Sam did really and there were a couple of things that really helped her not to “freak out”.
                              1) the foaming shampoo that I let the kids use themselves
                              2) a squirt bottle I found that I gently squirted Sam’s hair with water so she could barely tell.

By the end of it, nobody wanted to get out of the tub, and Sam was actually the last one out!  Because I overestimate my children’s cleanliness it’s now a week later and I realize we haven’t had another bath, whoops!  I’m going to try for beach party again with just the kids this time and see how it goes.  Although Tanner takes mostly showers now, but loves to take baths and play with his toys.


Usually the Easter bunny hides eggs along with the kids’ Easter baskets around the house, but since he couldn’t find all of the extra plastic eggs he skipped that part.  So the kids found their baskets along with their goodies and it was all downhill from there…

                      Toby’s got her eyes on the cookies. She is always waiting for her opportunity.

Next we went to brunch at our favorite breakfast place with Matt and Cally and the kids and Grandpa Mike.  Everybody behaved (thanks to a couple IPads and some crayons).


Let’s see, of course I was able to get out to the golf course for a little practice while the kids took a nap before our big family dinner.  They had a blast in the huge bouncy house aunt P and uncle R rented.  Of course we had a couple casualties, but overall everyone survived without too many injuries.


                                                                      Who ME??

                            It took an injury in the bounce house before we had our first break!

Till next year…


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