Preschool with my Girl {12.13.14}

She’s been begging all semester to come to preschool with her.  I finally did, and the memories came flooding back of when I would go spend a day with big brother at preschool a few years back.  Any day is a great day to go to preschool with my girl, but man, I really picked a fun one by accident this time. DSC09830 First up, the pledge of allegiance of course.  For a 4 year old, I’m in awe that she knows the whole thing after only weeks of starting school. DSC09831 With eyes of wonder, her teacher read them the story of The Little Gingerbread Man.  It was felt character magic for their little eyes.  I wonder if she thinks the Gingerbread man is real, as I did when I was her age. DSC09834 DSC09833 It was a class effort to put together all the ingredients to make our gingerbread man cookies.  They held their hands behind their backs and were so patient waiting for their individual turns to stir the cookie batter. DSC09836DSC09841 DSC09844 It was then cookie cutting time.  Complete with candy eyes and buttons.  And then into the oven they went. DSC09855 DSC09856 DSC09857 DSC09860 DSC09862 While we waiting for our Gingerbread men to finish baking, the kids had some center time.  It was so fun to see what Sam gravitated towards.  Of course she chose the little dress up spagetti people, which doesn’t surprise me one bit.  And then it was off to do some art, followed by playing in the class kitchen. DSC09871 DSC09878 DSC09879 DSC09883 DSC09889 DSC09893 DSC09895 DSC09896 DSC09903 DSC09904 DSC09907 The kids were so excited to finally get too eat their gingerbread cookies that they worked so hard on.  They were delicious! DSC09908 DSC09910 DSC09912 Spending this morning with my girl has been all sorts of fun.  Can’t wait to go back.


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