A December to Remember- part 1 Christmas Eve

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  Everything about it.  This year was no different.  This Christmas was a little bittersweet for us, but without going into details we still had a great Christmas.  I know our oldest’s days of believing in Santa are numbered especially when there are kids at school who don’t believe, and make every point they can to prove their case.  I can’t begin to describe are aggravating that is to me.  He fully believes and and wants to believe and the fact that most his friends still do has him holding on to that hope.  That Santa. Is. Real.  Like, for real.  And I’m sorry, but how can he not believe, when Santa brought him a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas.  He knows for a fact that is parents would never buy it (wink).

Our little girl is still about all things Disney princesses.  Everything about Christmas is magical to her.  She loves singing along to every Christmas song on the radio and she’s got a pretty good bravada if I do say so myself.  Her FROZEN dolls and tea set from Santa were a huge hit this year.

An then there’s the youngest…This kid is hilarious.  He’s picked up how to unwrap gifts from his older siblings and he’s a quick learner.  Every time he’d unwrap something he’d go “Whoa..whoa..” and then he’d move on to the next gift.  He received a roller coaster.  I’ll never forget that smile or the “WEEEEEEE” and he would ride it down the track.  He loved his Disney World toy and a race track from Neema.

Christmas Eve they each always open one gift.  It’s really just to hold them off till the morning, but I’ve made it a tradition to get them each new Christmas jammies and a book to read on Christmas Eve.


DSC00167 DSC00172 DSC00173 DSC00176 DSC00177 DSC00178DSC00179

It’s bittersweet that the oldest can now read the Christmas Eve stories to the little ones.  I can’t believe this was our 9th Christmas with him.  I remember his first like it was yesterday.

DSC00186 DSC00193 DSC00203 DSC00219 DSC00232 DSC00235 DSC00237


What do you mean I can’t have one??


See you in the morning…Merry Christmas Eve:)



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