Pumpkin carving


This year we waited a little too long (story of my life) to set out on our quest to find the perfectly imperfect pumpkins to carve.  In past years we’ve usually stuck to painting the pumpkins to keep things less messy and little fingers away from carving knives.  This year, you really wanted to carve out faces and pictures in them.  I hesitantly agreed to it, and dad and I may have helped a little bit.  I couldn’t decide if I was a little sad or exhilarated that none of you have actually stuck your hands in the pumpkin goo.  I loved seeing your reactions to the slimy insides.

I think this is our first attempt at pumpkin seeds as well in a few years at least.  I’m not sure you enjoyed them quite as much as your dad though.  Next year we might try adding different flavors to them.  Maybe a cinnamon sugar or a spicy one just to kick it up a notch.  Here are some of my most favorite memories from our pumpkin carving madness.

Here you are picking out your pumpkins:)DSC03966


I know it’s asking too much to get you all to smile and behave for me for a picture…DSC03980

Do you remember what happened in this moment?  It’s kind of hard to tell from the photo, but if you zoom in you can see that Sam’s pumpkin exploded in her hands.  DSC03982-Edit

Next comes the fun part…

DSC04065DSC04067DSC041512015-10-29 18.11.36DSC041432015-10-29 17.25.22

DSC04121DSC04095DSC04090DSC04115DSC041172015-10-29 18.00.07DSC04154

2015-10-29 17.49.012015-10-29 17.49.392015-10-29 18.00.042015-10-29 18.07.18-1

Pumpkin carving was messy fun and you kids did such a great job on each of your pumpkins.


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