Christmas 2014

Even though I thought that I had a head start when I started wrapping presents as I would buy them this year, it seems we will always be up till 11pm wrapping and watching It’s A Wonderful Life.  Every Christmas Eve we watch it while we get everything ready.  It’s another of our traditions.

DSC00275DSC00272 DSC00274

The kids were so excited when they woke up on Christmas morning and couldn’t wait to run downstairs to see the loot Santa brought them.

DSC00280 DSC00282

Landry found his roller coaster right away 🙂

DSC00283 DSC00284 DSC00287 DSC00288

DSC00290 DSC00292 DSC00293 DSC00298 DSC00300 DSC00309 DSC00312 DSC00355 DSC00357 DSC00360 DSC00361


DSC00364 DSC00365 DSC00367 DSC00373


DSC00383 DSC00385 DSC00391DSC00388 DSC00400

DSC00393 DSC00395

Breakfast at the cousins’ house:)

DSC00401DSC00404 DSC00406 DSC00407 DSC00410 DSC00417 DSC00419 DSC00431


DSC00433 DSC00434 DSC00437 DSC00440 DSC00441

Even with the pain and unsettling heartache on this day, we are so thankful for the blessings that we are able to hold each and every day.  This is definitely a Christmas to remember.  Some for the not so good, but mostly for the great memories.  Some day I will be ready to share, but for right now concentrating on these gems right here are what I’m focused on.  This post is a few months late in the making, but we’ve been going through some stuff, and sometimes you just gotta go through the stuff.

Hope ya’ll had a great Christmas as well!


These Jonesy’s


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