Golf season is here!

OK, so not to jinx the amazing weather we’ve been having, but it’s been hard to think that it is still technically winter! We’ve had 75-80 degree weather for almost a week and a half and for the middle of March in Nebraska that is abnormally warm. I’m not complaining though. It means that spring is upon us and golf season is on the horizon. I’ve been out the the golf course around 10 times already and most years that doesn’t even happen halfway through the summer (since kids). I made the commitment to play more golf this year and I’ve made some pretty hefty goals for myself. I’m used to biting off more than I can chew, so I’m used to feeling completely overwhelmed, but it’s also where I feel the most comfortable. If I can accomplish half of what I want to this year, than I’ll be a pretty happy camper. Of course I can’t just up and go to the course whenever I want because I have two rugrats at home that I take care of all day and night, but like anything else in life, if there’s something you want, I’m a full believer that you have to make time for it in your life, make it a priority. I told my husband that I’m going to break par soon, meaning really really soon. He does his best not to make too much of a reaction whenever I just blurt something totally ridiculous out of my mouth every time I’m thinking it. I think he knows I can do it, and is probably as surprised as I am that I haven’t yet, considering how long I’ve been playing, but that’s the goal, break par (soon), play in more tournaments. So, while the kids lay down for naptime this weekend, I am heading out to the golf course to get some practice time in. I love that I can go practice for a few hours or play a round and be home by the time they get up and I hardly even miss a beat with them. Also, on my list of golf “to-do’s” is getting a new set of golf clubs. I think I’ve finally talked Mike into getting me a new set! Yay, me!!


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