1,000,001 Ways to Blow a Nose

Sam is obsessed with kleenex.  She’s also obsessed with blowing her nose (in something or not).  I might run out of kleenex quicker that normal, but I’m not complaining that she could blow her nose at 8 months.  It comes in handy when she has a cold.  She’ll see the kleenex box and say, “Heee? Heee?”  For those of you that don’t speak gibberish that’s Sami talk for “Kleenex please?”  I know, it’s impressive that I’ve memorized nearly a dictionary’s worth of her gibber-gabber, but I had practice with Tanner when he was little.  Though Sam doesn’t say as much as her brother did, I can understand her a little more than T.  That boy would talk, talk talk all day and you wouldn’t hear one real word come out of his mouth, but he was always so sure at what he was saying.  I get the same response with strangers as I did with Tanner. “Does she talk?” Yes, but only I can understand her.  That is because she has a lot of clearly spoken words such as “momma”, “daddy”, “Nannie”(Tanner), “eat”, “night-night”, etc.  But she says her manners with her mouth closed and in syllables.  I can here her when she says, “Gmm, gmm,” or “thank you”, but unless you know her you might think she doesn’t say much.  I got distracted again, rambling about something else…here are some pics of Sam entertaining us with a piece of kleenex.

                                                                    That’s a good one!

Did I get it?

Maybe, I’ll just stick my hand in it…

Let’s try again…

That’s a really good one…

Getting a little dramatic…

Same kleenex in case you were wondering…

Now just being silly…

Ok, maybe that’s enough



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