We’ve got Poop!

Let’s see…lots of odd things happening at the Jones household these past couple of days.  I played lots of golf this weekend, trying to get my scores down.  By lots of golf I mean, lots of really crappy crappy golf (excuse my language).  I have such high expectations for myself and as awesome as this weather has been, luckily I’ve been able to get out more than a few times so it’s hard for me to be patient with myself.  Plus, I know it’s early in the season, but when I leave my kids and a very understanding husband for 3 days in a row to go to the golf course I expect results.  It’s work for me and that’s how I look at it, and I always get mother’s guilt when I go out to play golf (the leasure sport…NOT!) for the day or for a few hours.  Yesterday while I was just hitting my 11th shot out of a sand bunker for the day (that’s a lot of beach), I got a text from Mike saying, “Guess who went poop on the potty??”  Well, and that does it, played crappy golf only to miss my first milestone ever with either of my kids. 

And on that note…Guess who went POOP on the potty??  Our little miss Sami.  So the tally is as follows:  Potty- 4, Poop- 1…and I don’t even have to bribe her with candy! 

Today Sam fell twice and got up limping.  She nursed her leg and limped until bed, but finally started to put some weight on it and walked, though not without a slight limp.  Poor baby 😦  I really am praying that she wakes up with no limp tomorrow or we will be making a trip to the Dr…

UPDATE on the leg…Since I haven’t posted this yet and it’s the next day, I will say, Sam was catering her ankle/foot again first thing this morning, but is walking and running (with a slight limp) now so I’m assuming we just have a strain…thank goodness it’s not broken!


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