Spring has sprung

The trees are in bloom, the grass has been green for weeks and as much as we have loved having this summer weather for the last month, it ends tomorrow.  Not ends, just cools down to more spring-like temps.  Tanner is going on his 4th baseball practice, and so far there are no complaints.  He and his buddy(and neighbor) are on the purple team together and can’t wait to start playing games.

This weekend was another busy, golf-filled one for me.  I had a lesson for the first time in 3+ years and went to work with the one and only James Sieckmann.  I’ve worked with him since I was a teenager and I wouldn’t trust my swing or game with anybody else.  He works with a lot of guys and gals on the PGA, Nationwide and LPGA tour, and it’s no wonder he does.  He know a lot and I always learn so much whenever I go to him.  If you really want to take your game to the next level, whatever that may be and get better, he’s the one to talk to.  He promised me I would be playing scratch golf in no time (well ok, he didn’t promise, I just assumed).

Mike, dad and I played in a scramble yesterday and let me just say, a 6 hour round is really not that fun when nobody is hitting the ball well.  On a positive note, we didn’t go over par (yippie…), I won longest drive on a hole and we actually won our flight! So maybe it was a good thing we played terribly. 

Saturday was car washing day, aka “just another photo opp of the kids” day for me.  Here are some funny photos of the 2 of them trying to help…

Today we went to the zoo to celebrate our last 90 degree day(probably) for a while.  The kids walked the whole time and are sleeping like babies.  It may take an hour to get out of the house, 20 min to get the stroller out, everyone loaded up, and sunscreen on, but it was all worth it because the carosel was open, we had ice cream and only 1 melt down/kid and it wasn’t until we were on our way back to the car.  Today was pretty much a piece of cake…well so far at least.

                                                    He’s got the whole world in his hands…

                                                        Sam’s First Push Pop at the zoo

Here’s a look back almost 4 years ago when Tanner had his first push pop at the zoo on his 2nd birthday.  He was Sam’s age that she is now.  Brings back memories…
Tanner, July 18, 2008

Do we see the similarities between the two of them??

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