Easter weekend/Project Saturday

Well, since it was rainy this morning and the high for the day is only 60…we decided it was a project kind of a day.  We have lots to do, and with me being at the golf course almost every night and weekend day, we haven’t had time to get stuff done.  We have a window of opportunity that needs taken advantage of, so of course that means I also have time to blog!  So far today we have…

  1. Installed a cubboard trashcan
  2. Ran to Menards to get MDF board for Tanner’s world map we are putting up and framing with the trim (Tanner was mad we didn’t let him buy the tractor wall decal)
  3. Went to Home Depot for pegboard to put up in our pantry so we can hang stuff

Still today we hope to:

  • Put up Tanner’s huge world map somehow
  • Paint the trim
  • Put up pegboard in our pantry
  • Take down our vanity mirror over our dresser so we can replace it with a t.v. (sigh)
  • Maybe get supplies so I can get to work on Tanner’s headboard

However, The Master’s golf tournament is on so…we’ll see what we actually get done..Oh, yea, and dye Easter eggs with the kiddos.


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