The Calm Before the Storm (or not in this case)

We’ve been preparing all day for the severe storms and tornadoes we were supposed to get tonight. We are and have been in a high risk since yesterday which is rare and really scary.  The kids helped us clear out under the stairs in the basement this morning and in doing so, we got to organize a little and found a bunch of stuff in boxes we haven’t even unpacked yet.  We’ve gathered our bottled waters and are getting ready to bring our snacks and make our little tent for the night downstairs.

The mess under the stairs we had to clear out

                        The good news is we emptied some more boxes since the move, organized a few and     threw things in the garage sale pile! 
     We also found a few fun items that have been lost in the chaos for awhile, like Sam’s first Halloween costume, little ladybug!  And looks it still fits!

The kids supposedly cleaning up (playing)…

Oh, yay all of our hats we’ve been missing!

Mike’s PGA Championship hat

So it looks like I didn’t get to take any pics of us all having a blast in our revamped storm shelter.  Next time.  Well, it is now 11:38pm and way past my bedtime.  I finally hear some thunder and rain outside, but thankfully no sirens yet.  Tanner was sad we didn’t get to hang out in our remodeled tornado shelter.  I told him it was a good thing we didn’t have to, but it won’t be the last time either. 


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